5 Platforms To Promote Your Blog For Free

Writing a blog is not enough; you need to promote it on different platforms to reach the target audience.

On Instagram

Instagram is focused on graphic content, but the text is also gaining popularity. Therefore, if this is a platform for you, then prepare beautiful photos of your product, and interesting captions, and create templates for publications decorated in style.

Upload photo descriptions, if necessary, and insert a link to the site or to the product/service selling page. For example, you can post a picture of a student writing something and add a link to your dissertation writing services on UK page.


  • You don’t need a big budget to get started.
  • Solvent audience.
  • Loyal audience of famous bloggers.
  • Spectacular visual part.

Promotion Methods:

  • Using hashtags
  • Competitor audience. Analyze the accounts of competitors and highlight an active audience by the number of comments.
  • Interests. Think about what your audience is interested in. Let’s say you are a nutritionist or fitness trainer. Look for active audiences in fitness club accounts and also subscribe to each one
  • Advertising from bloggers
  • Advertising in public
  • Targeted advertising

On Facebook

Facebook is networking-focused and well-suited for building a personal brand. It is easy to promote B2B projects and startups on this social network. So if you are one of these then read and immediately create a promotion plan.


  • Viral effect: information about user actions is displayed in the update feed.
  • Convenient advertising tools.
  • Cognitive and useful content is of great value.

Promotion Methods:

  • Business pages
  • Tagging others
  • Comment on other people’s posts
  • Live broadcasts
  • Promote the publication

On YouTube

When promoting your channel on YouTube, focus on the selection of hashtags. Remember that users of this social network perceive YouTube not only as a video hosting service but also as a search engine.

Working with textual content on the site, there is a risk of “over-optimizing” the post, but on YouTube, there are no restrictions: use as many relevant hashtags as possible for your content.


  • The ability to demonstrate the product in action
  • Fast promotion of a personal brand using video content.
  • Simple optimization for key queries.
  • Convenient analytical tools.

Promotion Methods:

  • Subtitles: Create subtitles and optimize them for search queries.
  • Title: Come up with a striking title for your video using keywords.
  • Keywords: Use keywords in your video description, starting with the most important ones.
  • Advertising from bloggers: Order advertising from popular bloggers.
  • Cover: Create eye-catching video covers.

On The Forums

For some niches, hidden advertising on blogs and forums is a more effective way. It is important that messages are not of an advertising nature, but are organically embedded in discussions and look like native content. It is an easy way to promote your services. Many writers use these platforms to promote their assignment help services online.


  • Virtually no investment.
  • The rapid increase in search queries and link building.
  • The ability to find a loyal audience for highly specialized projects.

Promotion Methods:

  • Discussions: Participate in discussions and leave detailed expert comments on the sites.
  • Brand: In addition to links on forums, mention brands in the comment section.
  • Strategy: First of all, build a reputation. Communicate on abstract topics and give advice to users
  • Create themes: Create new topics and initiate discussions about your product/service.

The main thing in this type of promotion is to find a suitable forum that is interesting to your target audience. And do not rush to immediately throw links in the comments, for such actions you can simply be sent to the ban.

Promotion Of The Blog On The Site

If you are blogging on your own website, then besides promoting it on social networks and forums, you can go another way deeper. That is, to optimize articles for search queries. Thus, you will improve SEO-indicators and get additional traffic without investment.


  • The ability to enter the top of search engines.
  • Increasing the link mass.
  • Correct building of the user’s path through the site.
  • Unlimited possibilities.
  • Creation of an incoming stream of users.

Promotion Methods:

  • Home page: Place links to articles on the home page and in other sections of the site.
  • Relinking: Interlink similar articles with each other.
  • Semantic core: Make the semantic core correctly, one topic – one key.
  • Keywords: Insert keywords and phrases in the text, just don’t overdo it.
  • Native advertising: Place links to free products in the middle of the article.

Final Words

We hope that after reading this article, you figure out how to promote a blog.  With the help of promotion, you will receive not a one-time, but a permanent result: traffic growth, recognition, and increased audience loyalty.

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