6 Copywriting Mistakes That Cost You Sales

Let’s talk about the mistakes novice copywriters make when compiling a text that sells. Yes, just like that, without swinging let’s get started.

Top Mistakes By Copywriters

Following are mistakes that even top-notch copywriters also make:

Uninformative Title

The headline of the sales text should whip about the customer’s problem or communicate the main benefit directly or indirectly. And also it has to get the reader to read the first sentence of the advertisement. That is, to attract attention.

Many beginners ignore these recommendations and sculpt headlines thoughtlessly. They go to extremes: either they do not use catchy phrases or they create something like slogans in commercials. The result will be predictable: advertising will go unnoticed, misunderstood, and ineffective.

Selling The Entire Industry

Instead of selling the entire industry, the text should focus on specific services. This is found in every second selling copy of a novice copywriter. For example: “Online writing services are useful for the students.”

Great! Thanks for saying! Nobody will be interested to place the order. Instead, focus on your specific services and provide their benefits. Selling an entire industry means missing out on a customer. So you should probably write: “We provide the best master’s essay help and we have professionals from the top universities who are experts in their field.”

To do this, you have to work. It is necessary to request the necessary information from the customer and analyze it. Then, isolate the benefits, form an offer, detach from competitors and wrap it all up into a selling idea. Yeah, that’s how it works.

Using Formal Language

By using too formal language, you scare away potential customers. No matter how professional a person is, in the everyday routine they use normal vocabulary. So stop making your writing too formal as too much of anything can spoil the writing. Formal text not only adds seriousness to the text – it damages the readability. Nobody wants to look for offers and benefits in bureaucratic clichés.

No Offer For The Customers

Many aspiring copywriters, especially exchange authors, have a trend. Instead of a selling text, they write laudatory odes to the product, generously seasoned with all sorts of artistry. There is a description, but no sentence is visible behind it. This is a disaster. Without any offer or benefits for the customer, your ad turns out to be miserable.

No Call To Action

It seems that the title is not bad, and even the offer is disclosed and backed up by benefits, but the end is abrupt. This is not the right way to conclude anything. The ad must have a call to action whether in form of text or as a button. The person must clearly understand how to order the product and how to contact you. For example on an online writing services website, mention how the audience can contact you if they need help with a dissertation. You can place a button saying “place order now” for guiding the readers on how to place the order correctly.

It is advisable to strengthen the appeal by limiting the time or quantity of goods. Or you can call for a 20% discount offer on the first 10 orders. This will drive sales.

Work Without Analysis

Working without a prior analysis is a waste of effort. It is also a squandering of the customer’s budget and, as a result, dissatisfaction with cooperation. If you sculpt text out of your head, without data collection and marketing analysis, get ready to hear the phrases “I don’t like”, and “This is not what I wanted.” And Get ready for endless edits.

Writing a sales copy is always a collaborative process, not writing from scratch. A prior analysis is a guarantee. Both for the copywriter (details of the cooperation are agreed upon) and for the customer (the contractor has received everything and takes responsibility for the result).


By avoiding the above mistakes, you can make sales copywriting more effective. You need to think like a customer and write accordingly. Engage the readers, provide them with benefits, and have conversations with them. Only then the customers will give you a reward for your efforts.

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