Top 6 Tips For Those Who Want To Become Video Bloggers

It is not as easy to be a video blogger as it might seem at first glance. It is not enough to buy high-quality equipment. You also need to possess the techniques of oral, written, and non-verbal communication. When a writer does not have time for tasks such as assignment writing, blog post writing, content writing, etc., they hire a copywriter to do this job for them. However, a video blogger does not have this option; he has to make the video himself.

How To Run Video Blog Successfully

We have collected some useful tips for pumping the skill of video bloggers.

Select A Topic

Talk about what you know, experienced, and thought about. The topic should be important, curious, and unique at the same time. If you have worked intensely on the topic as a researcher and analyst, do not be afraid to dodge generalizations and hypotheses. If you don’t know what to talk about, remember – a cool story is always there. An event that happened in your life – and now can be a good topic.

To Make A Plan

First, remember that a good plan is half the battle. With a detailed story draft in front of you, you will avoid the temptation to add unnecessary side branches and feel like you are going with the flow. Second, the plan is the structure of the speech. All tricky moves should be laid here. To do this, think again: did you correct the original theme? Does the story have a double bottom? Do you understand what it is about?

The plan should be detailed but not overwhelming. You must keep the structure of the story in your head, and the plan only gathers everything else in one place.

Decide On Intonation

  • Intonation is the result of daily work on the train of thought and formulations: first in the mind, then on paper.
  • Intonation is a reflection of your view of the world. The speaker’s vision, the choice of objects, and the way of description are profoundly subjective and speak about his personality. Many readers are more interested in the personality of the narrator.
  • At the same time, intonation should not distract too much attention, be florid, and with a touch of narcissism.
  • Do not be shy about the personal experience that has shaped your language and way of describing the world.
  • The rhythm of the text is as important as the intonation.

Be A Gentle Person

Stand out with your head and always act like a gentleman. Are you preparing a post on the social network?

Comb through it and think about who you might offend. Smile more often in the video. It’s like being in a company: if you speak well of your friends, you get taller. If you want to say good things about yourself, but there is nothing special to say, then it is better to remain silent.  You will not be able to stand out by belittling others: instead of rising in contrast to someone else, you will be remembered as the wrong person.

Think About Possible Criticism

Shoot all possible criticism from the beginning. Put yourself in advance in a situation where people are criticizing you. Take it positively as ultimately it will do good for you. For example, suppose you make videos on dissertation writing help for the students. There might be content the people won’t agree with. In such a situation they will criticize you for your point of view. But don’t worry; it’s just a part of blogging.

 Reply To Comments

It is essential that if people comment on your posts, you take time and reply to them. You can either do it yourself or ask your assistant to do it for you. In any case, don’t leave comments without any response. If you reply to the comments, it will have a significant impact on the audience. People will comment more on your posts in the future.


For your video message to have the effect you want, it’s essential to take the time to prepare it. You need to practice first, make one or two videos, and take comments from your friends and family. If there are any mistakes, make the video again and avoid the mistakes.


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