Learn How To Write Conclusion of An Article: Tips For Beginners

Today we will see how the conclusion affects the quality of the article. It is the natural ending of any work: literary, musical, film, or cartoon. It is so natural that we do not even think about it. If you compare the article to the song, the conclusion is the final chord.

Make It As Logical

Many people assume that the reader does not pay much attention to the conclusion. However, it is not true. There are some people who read the conclusion first and if it interests them, they start reading the article from the start.

End Article With Positive Note

An article finished on a positive note will definitely leave a good impression on the reader. The best way to get the reader to like the material is to end it with optimistic words. Of course, if the whole article is boring, then the reader or the reader is unlikely to get to the conclusion, no matter how effective you make it. Therefore, you need to set the level immediately, from the title.

Provide Solution To The Problem

The introduction brings us to the main part and draws a conclusion from it. If before that you touted the shaving machines of some company, then in end it is necessary to draw a logical conclusion that yes, these machines are the best.

During the reading of the article, some authors ask a question at the beginning. And provide answers at the end based on the entire material. If you pose the question “Which dissertation services are the best for students” then at the end you must conclude with the names of services that provide dissertation writing help.

Convincing Conclusion Can Generate Sales

If you managed to do this convincingly, but unobtrusively, the reader will become motivated. He will agree with the evidence you provided; will be imbued with the prospects for an easy and comfortable shave you have described, and at the first opportunity he will order the machines that you have painted.

7 Ways To Write a Strong Conclusion

As for the ways of presenting the material, there are many opportunities to do it in different ways, so the conclusion does not have to be a carbon copy. And the classics of the genre have already analyzed these methods for a long time – we just have to listen to them.

Which endings are best suited for selling articles? Let’s find out ways to write a strong conclusion:

  1. A vicious circle: the introduction begins – the conclusion ends the thought on a new level.
  2. Anchor: Focus on the most important or impressive point in your article and end with a focus on it.
  3. Reward: The ending in which you answer the question asked at the beginning.
  4. The solution to the problem: Summarize the proposed solutions and mention the consequences of such solutions.
  5. Quote. Reception is not new for a long time, but, nevertheless, quite effective. You can find many articles where this is used.
  6. Mobilization: A call to action that motivates the reader to immediately order and buy what you described.
  7. Depending on the topic, your mood, and your tasks, you can use different ways to conclude your article

The Size Of the Conclusion Matters

The conclusion should be concise. According to the rules for a small text in style – 25% of the total volume is allocated for the introduction and conclusion. Most often, the conclusion starts from the next paragraph so the reader can easily identify and read it. If your article is about essay help in the UK, then write four to five lines that will best conclude a topic of seven hundred words.

Final Words

Now you have learned why the conclusion is important, what it is and how you can hook the reader at the end of the material. Use the information received. If you are working on an article, immediately think about how you can complete it. Take these tips and try them out in practice. Constantly working on yourself and honing your own style is what will help you get more and more for the same amount of work.

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